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The show is divided into 3 segments as:
1) Ayurveda Jeevana vedam,
2) Ayurveda Aahara vedam
3) Ayurveda Soundarya vedam.

In the Jeevana Vedam segment, the Maharshi will tell about how Ayurvedam can be a part of our life style.
In the Aahara Vedam segment, the Maharshi will tell about the nutritious diet and how to cure ailments with our regularly available ingredients.
In the Soundarya Vedam segment, the Maharshi will give tips on how to look graceful and the steps to be taken to be beautiful and healthy.
Maharshi Pandita Yelchuri Venkat Rao is the editor for Andariki Ayurvedam monthly magazine which has a circulation of over 1 lakh across AP.
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for VOICE PROBLEMS

Recipe No.1:
Punarnava tailam
Punarnava or tella galijeru leaves : ½ kg
Sesame oil (Nuvvula noone) ; ¼ kg
Boil the oil on SIM flame. Add the punarnava leaves gradually to the oil and boil till they turn black. Filter the oil and store.
Apply oil in warm condition to the entire throat and gently massage.
Improper functioning throat will be rectified.

Recipe No.2:
Punarnava Paakam
Punarnava or tella galijeru juice: 250 gm
Candy sugar powder : 125 gm

Boil the juice till candy sugar melts and paak is obtained. Store the paak in a bottle.
½ spoon paakam with ½ glass water for children two times a day.
Voice problems will be rectified.

Punarnava is a panacea to all the organs which are not functioning properly. It will rejuvenate liver, kidneys, respiratory system and many other organs. Both recipes should be used to get the desired benefit.


Recipe No.1:
Onion pieces : 50 gm
Add one litre of water and boil till half water remains. Filter the kashaayam and add 30 gm. old jaggery.
Take kashaayam in warm condition early in the morning and do not eat till one hour.
Irregularity in menstruation is removed.
Precaution: Stop the usage after menstruation and restart after 10 to 15 days. Do this for three months the irregularity problem is removed.

Recipe No.2:
i) Use sesame seeds (nuvvulu) and black gram in some form daily.
ii) Diluted starch (ganji) eliminates problems of uterus. Take one or two glasses daily irregularity problem is eliminated.
iii) Take only Moong dal, old jaggery, rice, ghee, milk during periods.

Recipe No.3:
Yogasanas & Praanaayaam:
i) Paschimottasana
ii) Chakrasana
iii) Dhanurasana
iv) Yoga mudrasana
v) Kapala bhati
vi) Moola bandham
vii) Udiyana bandham
viii) Udarsa chalanam
ix) Naukasanam
x) Pavanamuktasanam
xi) Seethkarini
xii) Santhi sayanam

Recipe No.4:
Grind 10 to 20 roots of nela usiri plant in one cup of rice washed water (biyyam kadigina neellu). Extract juice and add one spoon candy sugar and take early in the morning,.

Recipe No.5:
Take equal quantity of medi fruits powder and candy sugar one spoon in the morning and evening. Problems of uterus are eliminated.

Recipe No.6:
Sonthi : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)
Dry kaharjur : 100 gm (Dry and make powder)
Mix both powder and store. Take ½ spoon to 1 spoon with one cup hot milk daily in the morning and evening. After menstruation stop the usage for 10 days and restart. If used for 3 months the irregularity problem is removed.

Recipe No.7:
Giloi or Tippa teega powder : 100 gm
Kiss miss : 100 gm
Take 10 gms out of above and drink one cup milk or warm water in the morning and evening. Take this for 10 days till menstruation arrives and restart after 10 days. Repeat for 3 months.

Recipe No.8:
Bark of neem tree : 120 gm
Sonthi powder :3 gm
Old jaggery : 20 gm
Pound all the three and boil in half litre drinking water till 1/4th litre kashaayam remains. Filter and drink. Do not eat till one hour,
All impurities in the body will be removed and irregularity in menstruation is eliminated.

Recipe No.9:
Bark of mango tree : 40 gm
Old jaggery : 40 gm
Pound and mix in half litre drinking water boil and reduce it to half. Filter and drink,
Over bleeding and irregularity in menstruation is eliminated.

Recipe No.10:
Black sesame seeds : 50 gm (Fry and powder)
Old jaggery : 100 gm
Single petalled mandara flowers : 200 gm (dry)
Pound all together and make small balls of 10 gm. Dry in shade and store. Chew (chapparinchuta) one pill per day early in the morning. Menstruation occurs within 10 days usage. Stop usage for 10 days and repeat for 3 months as above.
Problems like delayed menstruation, excess discharge, no discharge, periods occurring 2 to 3 times a month etc will be eliminated.

Recipe No.11:
Dry grapes : ¼ kg
Atimadhuram : ¼ kg
Pound both together and make balls of 15 gm.
Take morning and evening along with milk.
Blood improves, dhaatu improves, regularity prevails.

Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for CHEST GROWTH

Recipe No.1:
Warm cow’s milk: 1 cup
Cow’s ghee: 1 spoon
Buffalo’s ghee : 1 spoon
Sesame oil : 1 spoon
Candy sugar : 1 spoon
Mix above contents and take two times a day.
Breast beauty increases.

Recipe No.2:
i) Bhujangasanam – 5 times (Lie down on stomach and raise your neck resting on hands touching the ground)
ii) Ushtrasanam (Hold the ankles while in Vajrasnam posture)
iii) Stand and do arm exercises:
a) Bring arms forward and then spread left hand to left and right hand to right while in standing posture.
b) Arms up and arms down while in standing posture.
c) Rotate each arm in clockwise and anti clockwise.

Recipe No.3:
Aswagandha : 100 gm
Satavari : 100 gm
Jatamasi : 100 gm
Puskaramulan : 100 gm
Vaakudu kayalu : 100 gm

Make powders of all the above constituents by pounding and store in a bottle.
Take required quantity of above powder, add required quantity of butter or ghee to make paste. Apply the paste to both the breasts before sleep without touching the nipples. Place cotton on both the breasts and place a patti. Wear brasserie and sleep
Growth of chest to the required size.

Recipe No.4:
Take Attipatti, tella kaluvas, vasa, katukarohini, pasupu in equal proportion and pound them. Add two times the above weight of ghee, two times sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and 16 times water and boil on SIM flame till ghee and oil remains. Filter and store the oil.
This tailam has to be taken in a dropper bottle and place 3 or 4 drops in both the nostrils and breathe in.
Chest size increases.

Recipe No.5:
Take powder of lotus flower seeds and add equal quantity of sugar. Take one spoon along with water both morning and evening. Along with the above procedure, crush the lotus flowers and place the paste on both the breasts without touching the nipples.
Breast size increases within one month.

Recipe No.6:
Take vaakudu fruits, satavari, chengalwakostu, jatamamsi, aswagandha in equal parts and grind to paste by adding water. Add 4 times cow’s milk, two times sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Filter and store oil. Apply oil two times a day to both breasts. This can be applied to entire body to increase overall personality.

Recipe No.7:
Take powdes of peedda muttava pulagam, china muttava pulagam, vasa, sowarchalavanam, Chengalvakostu, ksheerakoli (all items are available in ayurveda stores) and filter in a cloth and store. Add little butter or ghee to the required quantity as per daily requirement and apply the paste to both the breasts. Gently massage.
Chest size increases to the required quantity.

Dr.Elchuri's recipe for OINTMENT FOR BURNS/WOUNDS

Vruna lepanam:

Prepare bhasmam of karakkaya (100gm), taanikaaya (100 gm) and usirika kaya (100gm) by frying in a vessel and keep aside.

Mix 75 gm cottonseed oil to 75 gm bees wax kept on SIM flame and stir slowly till both mix together. After some time remove from stove and filter the oil cum wax. While the oil is in hot condition, add the bhasmam gently duly stirring. Add 10 to 30 gm mudda karpuram (Camphor), stir it and let it cool to turn to paste. Store the paste in a bottle or tin.

Apply the paste on burn/wounds immediately and no bubble formation takes place and wounds get healed quickly.


Can also apply to the sores around sexual organs of gents/ladies.

Dr.Elchuri's recipe for EAR PROBLEMS

Recipe No.1:
Put 2 drops sesame oil or mustard oil in the ear. Insert both index fingers in the ears and breathe in through mouth. Store the air in mouth and gargle with the air so that the cheeks will bulge and contract for 1 to 3 min.
Ear problems will not crop up for 100 years.

Recipe No.2:
i) Press 200 times the web portion between little finger and ring finger.
ii) Press the entire ring finger and little finger 200 times.
iii) Stretch your ears gently to left/right, top/bottom and give movement in clockwise/anticlockwise direction.
Numbness of head due to ear ache, headaches, all ear problems get cleared
Decrease usage of cell phones.

Recipe No.3:
Mullangi tailam:
White raddish juice : 1 cup
Sesame oil : 1cup
Add juice to oil and boil it on SIM flame till juice absorbs/evaporates in oil. Cool it and store.
1 to 2 drops two times a day.
All ear problems including roaring sounds, pus formation, sores, worms, hearing problems get cleared.

Recipe No.4:
Maredu tailam:
Maredu gujju powder ; 100 gm
Cow’s urine : ½ lt
Goat’s milk : ¼ lt
Sesame oil : ¼ lt.
Boil cow’s urine on SIM flame. When it is boiling, add maredu powder and boil till one fourth remains. Filter the same and add goat’s milk and sesame oil and boil once again till oil remains. Filter and store the oil.
Put 4 drops oil with cotton and gently massage front and back portions of ear. Put both index fingers in both ears and breathe in air with mouth and do the gargling exercise with air without opening lips and with cheeks bulging and contracting.
Ear problems due to vata, pitta, kapha will be eliminated.

Recipe No.5:
Oil for pus formation in ear:
Filter 75 gm white raddish juice (mullangi) and add 250 gm sesame oil, 10 gm vamu (little crushed) and 10 gm turmeric.
Place all the above contents in a vessel and put it on SIM flame till oil remains. Continue stirring till end. Filter the oil and store.
Put 2 to 3 drops oil in warm condition to the ear having pus.

Recipe No.6:
Apply steam of 2 fist full of neem leaves, little turmeric boiled in water to the ear, throat, nose. Foment the water on the ear and its surroundings with a cloth.
Ear suffering from pus will be relieved.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for SINUSITIS

Recipe No.1:
Yoga, Praanaayaam and tips:
1) Suryabedhana Praanaayam : Close the left nostril, breathe in with right and breathe out with left. Do this for 15 to 20 min.
2) Surya Bhastrika: Close the left nostril, breathe in slowly with right nostril and breathe out through right nostril.
3) Surya kapalabhati: Close the left nostril and breathe out with right nostril without putting effort to breathe in.
4) Avoid too hot and too cold foods.
5) Avoid sitting in AC rooms
6) If moving in cold season, give protection to ears by plugging with cotton. Do not sleep directly under the fan.
7) Massage with sesame oil on both sides of nose.
8) Mix candy sugar powder with diluted milk. Add little turmeric and drink.
9) Can take butter milk after adding turmeric, methi powder, onion juice.
10) Avoid taking bottle gourd, dosa, tomato, lady’s finger etc which increase kapha in the body.
11) Put two drops of neem oil in both nostrils before taking food in the night. The phlegm will come out from sinus region.

Recipe No.2:
Tulasi Tea:
Add 10 tulasi leaves, 10 pepper and 2 inch ginger piece (all crushed) to two cups of water and boil till one cup remains. Add one spoon candy sugar powder and drink it hot. Avoid taking bath or taking food till one hour. Can take two times a day.
Sinus problem will be eliminated.

Recipe No.3;
Gulabi Tailam:
Rose petals : 100 gm
Sesame oil (til oil) : 100 gm
When oil is boiling on SIM, add rose petals slowly. Boil till the petals blacken. Filter the oil and store. Put 3 to 4 drops in the nostrils in the morning and evening till the problem subsides.
Sinus problem is eliminated.

Recipe No.4:
Take nasyam (powder) Lakshmi tulasi dried powder through each nostril.
All head problems, cold, sinus etc. are removed.
Can be added to rasam and sambar also.

Recipe No.5:
Add half spoon turmeric to hot hot cooked rice (one fist full) and place it in a cloth. Foment the bundled cloth on the sides of nose. Can also be kept on nose and lie down for some time.
Problems of blocked nose due to non-entry of air will be eliminated within 5 to 10 min.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for GUIDDINESS

Recipe No.1

Guiddiness comes due to excess heat in brain for BP patients. Paityam increases in liver and leads to guiddiness.

Apply Ayurvedic hair oil to head regularly.
Use sesame oil (Nuvvulu noone) or Agastya tailam or Ayurveda Prajaraksha tailam.
Massage oil on the scalp, on the left and right parts of throat in circular manner. As the oil soaks into head, guiddiness decreases.
Do Chandrabedhana Praanaayaam.

Recipe No.2:
Allam Churnam:
Allam Powder : 100 gm (Remove top leayer, dry and make powder)
Jeera Powder : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)
Mix all the above three. This becomes a gas hara churn.
Take 2 to 3 chitikas of above churn after food.
This will relieve all Gas, paityam, guiddiness etc. and all stomach problems and all paitya problems will be eliminated.

Recipe No.3:
Dry usirika : 5 or 6 pieces
Crushed Dhania : 1 spoon
Water : 150 gm (small glass)
Pour all the above in a mud vessel. Soak overnight. Filter in the morning and add one spoon candy sugar powder and drink.
Guiddiness will disappear within one wek. Excess heat accumulated in the head will vanish.

Recipe No.4:
Prepare lepanam by grinding tella galijeru leaves, dhania and gasagasalu by adding little water and apply it to fore head. Guiddiness sensation goes away.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for TULASI TEA


Tulasi Powder : 100 gm
Podina Powder : 100 gm
Sugandhipala roots powder : 100 gm
Chinna Elachi powder : 10 gm
Dalchin Powder : 10 gm.
Jeera Powder : 10 gm.
Dhania Powder : 10 gm
Pepper Powder : 10 gm
Make powder of all the above constituents, mix and store. Prepare decoction with the above powder, add milk to the required quantity, add candy sugar powder according to taste.
Usage :
Drink 2 times a day.
Cold, cough, worry, anxiety etc. will decrease and body, mind and soul will be at bliss and peace. Blood will be purified. Mind will be clean and heart will become strong. Phlegm will melt and breathing becomes easier. Fever, body pains and all problems of body will be cleared


Recipe No.1:
Add one spoon honey in one cup warm water and gargle. Bad smell of mouth is eliminated. Gargle with sesame oil in the morning.
Teeth, gums, tongue, jaws will strengthen, tongue sores will not be there. Enamel of teeth will be protected.

Recipe No.2:
Elaichi seeds : 30 gm (Yalukala vittanalu)
Salt crystals : 60 gm (kallu uppu)
Chalk powder : 60 gm
Grind all the three together and use it as a tooth powder daily.
Scaling problem of teeth is eliminated and teeth will shine.

Recipe No.3:
Take equal quantity of guava piece (Jaama kaaya) and patika pieces. Pound them and store. Add two spoons of this powder to one cup of water and boil it to prepare kashaayam. Use this kashaayam in warm condition to gargle.
All teeth will shine by gargling with above kashaayam daily.

Recipe No.4:
Prepare bhasmam of banbo (after drying) by frying it. Brush the teeth daily with the above powder.
Scaling problem will be removed and teeth will shine.

Recipe No.5:
Top skin of pomogranate : 350 gm
Ponginchina patika : 80 gm
Akkalakarra : 70 gm Dry rose petals : 70 gm
Maachi kayalu : 80 gm
Make powder of all the above, sieve and store. Brush the teeth with this powder daily.
Scaling (even old scaling) of teeth will be eliminated and teeth will shine.

Recipe No.6:
Prepare powder of equal weight of sonthi, pippali, pepper, japatri, saindhavalavanam and store. Add a little powder to honey or oil and brush without touching lips
Teeth will be clean, become stronger, scales will be eliminated.


The region below the navel is called VAATA region. Pains due to vaata dosha may arise in hips, knees, calves (pikkalu), waist, neck, joints etc.
Food precautions:
Food should be chewn properly to easy digestion.
Better to eat food before 7 PM.
Avoid Non-vegetarian foods.
Avoid curds and use diluted butter milk.
Use unpolished rice only.

The following are Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for relieving all Vaata pains.

Recipe No.1:
Sonthi : 50 gm (Fry and make powder)
Aswagandha : 50 gm (Dry in shade and make powder)
Black sesame : 50 gm (Nalla nuvvulu) (Fry and make powder)
Candy Sugar : 50 gm (patika bellam powder)
Grind all the above contents in a kalvam by adding sufficient ghee till it becomes paste.
Take 10 gm paste (about one spoon) two times a day before meals. Suck the juice after placing it on one side of mouth.
Strengthens weakened nerves, brain, tendons, gives strength to body, removes waste material accumulated in joints, improves the gel of the joints, decreases sperm loss in gents, eliminates premature ejaculation problem, black spots formed due to meha uduku vanish and removes all pains due to vaata.

Recipe No.2:
Garlic juice: 20 gm (Crush in a cloth and squeeze without adding water)
Sesame oil : 20 gm (nuvvula noone) (For paitya natured persons)
Mustard oil : 20 gm (For kapha/vaata prakruti persons)
Boil both the contents on SIM flame till oil remains and bubbles subside. Sieve and store the oil. Warm the oil with garlic juice and apply oil to the joints or to those parts affected by pain. The oil penetrates into the body and gives relief.
Relieves pains of waist, back, neck, sides of waist, hip, ankles, knees etc.

Recipe No.3:
Kasivinda tailam:
Kasivinda leaves : 100 gm
Tamarind tree leaves : 100 gm
Vaavili aaku : 100 gm Jilledu aaku : 100 gm
Ummetta aaku : 100 gm
Pound all the above, squeeze and extract juice.
Add half kg. sesame oil and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Filter and store oil.
Apply warm oil to the organs where pain prevails.
Any pain due to vaata will subside.

Recipe No.4:
Vaatagunja tailam:
Soak 20 gm red gurivinda seeds in half litre water and boil till 1/8 litre kashaayam remains. Remove it from flame, filter it and add 40 gm sesame oil and once again boil till the oil remains,. Filter and store in a bottle. Apply the oil in warm condition twice a day to the affected parts and gently massage.
All pains due to vaata vanish.

Recipe No.5:
Mix equal quantity of powder of taanikaaya, karakkaya and sieve it and store the powder in a bottle.
Take 2 gm powder with one spoon honey before one hour of taking food.
All problems due to vaata prakruti will vanish.

Recipe No.6:
Mix equal quantity of tippa teega powder, sannarastram powder, amudam roots powder, sonti powder (light fry and make powder), devedaaru bark powder and store in a bottle.
Add 30 gm powder to ¾ lit water and boil on SIM flame till 1/8 lt. remains.
Filter the kashaayam and take it two times after adding one spoon honey.
All problems due to vaata will vanish.

Recipe No.7:
Take equal proportion of Krishna tulasi leaves, vaavilaaku, uttareni leaves, dry them in shade and make powder. Sieve the powder and store. Apply oil and gently massage on effected part. Benefits:
Pains due to Sandhi vaatam will subside.

Recipe No.9:
Take tella galijeru along with roots, pound and squeeze to extract juice. Add equal quantity of sesame oil and boil it on SIM till oil remains.
Apply oil in warm condition to the affected parts where pain prevails.
All joints pains, swelling in testicles, all problems relating to vaata will subside.
Can also be applied on the limbs of children who are unable to walk and gently massage. Have bath after one hour. Children will start walking.

Recipe No.10:
Nalleru vadiyalu:
Scrape the top greenish layer of nalleru stems and extract juice. Add equal quantity of urath dal (mina pappu) and grind to paste. Prepare vadiyalu with above paste and store after drying. Fry the fryums (vadiyalu) on burning coal and eat along with rice.
All vaata problems will vanish.

Recipe No.11:
Make powders of nela tadi dumpa and uttareni leaves powder and store separately. Take 2.5 gm of nela tadi dumpa and 5 gm of uttareni powder along with water, early in the morning.
All vaata pains subside.

Recipe No.12:
Soak pamidi patti seeds and grind them to paste. Apply the paste to those parts which are affected by swelling, affected by pains and apply bandage. Remove bandage early ion the morning.
All pains and swelling of joints will be eliminated.

Recipe No.13:
Extract juice of raw tobacco leaves. Add equal quantity of sesame oil and boil together on SIM flame till oil remains. Remove from flame, filter and store oil. Apply it in warm condition to affected parts having pain, arthritis, degenerated joints etc.
All vaata pains will vanish.

Recipe No.14:
Crush the leaves of papaya (boppayi) add little amudam (eradel tel) and boil it Apply the oil in warm condition to the affected parts and bandage the affected part.
Vaata pains will vanish and swelling will subside.

Recipe No.15:
Make powders of bodataram flowers sonti powder ( light fry and make powder) and store. Take 3 chitikas powder directly before half an hour of taking food. Do it for 40 days and joint pains will subside.

Recipe No.16:
Aam vaata pains: Crush tella maddi leaves and extract juice. Apply to the affected organ. All pains due to aama vaatam, burning sensation and shooting pains will subside.

Recipe No.17:
Make powder of raddish seeds (mullangi ginjalu) and add equal quantity of candy sugar powder and store. Take ¼ spoon powder with water.
All joint pains will subside gradually.

Recipe No.16:
Take the bark of vaavili roots, wash and dry in shade. Pound them to powder and store. Mix 3 gm powder (less than half spoon) and little sesame oil and take two times a day.
Joint pains, back pain, vaata pains of entire body all body pains will subside.

Recipe No.19:
Sour water melon roots powder : 50 gm Pippali powder : 50 gm(light fry and make powder) Old jaggery : 100 gm Pound all of them together and make round balls of six equal to peas. Take one ball/pill along with warm water half an hour before food.
Joints pains will subside.
If motions occur, reduce the dosage.

Recipe No.20:
Garika tailam:
Take 1 kg garika juice and and add to 1/2 kg sesame oil. Boil on SIM flame till the juice gets absorbed into the oil. Sieve and store the oil.
Can be applied on the effected parts.
Pains due to vaata will vanish.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for Skin problem - SEETA PAITYAM

I) On account of itching if one scratches swelling, rashes and reddishness appears due to Seeta paityam. In order to decrease the increased phlegm in the body, it generates heat and skin gets heated. When scratched, the inside phlegm comes out Wherever you scratch stomach, chest, back etc. rashes will crop up which are red in colour.

II) If one has cough problem, the excess phlegm inside the head, reaches mouth and if he/she swallows the phlegm without spitting out, it will reach the stomach, agnimandyam develops, loss of appetite arises. Even if he takes food it will not be digested. Indigestion starts in the stomach, excess heat develops. In order to reduce the phlegm, excess heat increases and itching, rashes, develop and skin turns red while scratcing.

Remedy for Seeta paityam:
Wet cloth bandage:
Dip cotton cloth in cold water, squeeze it and wrap it around body from throat to navel. Wrap a dry turkey towel above the wet cloth. Wait for 10 min till the inner cloth dries and then remove them. The excess heat inside the layers of skin reduces.

i) Vega Bhastrika: Breathe out air quickly wiotout concentrating on taking breath inside. This is vega bhastrika.
ii) Deerga Bhastrika: Slow and long bhastrika
iii) Chandra bedhana praanaayaam
iv) Surya bedhana praanaayaam
v) Anuloma viloma praanaayaam

If all the above praanaayaams are performed, seetamu and pittamu will be balanced in the body.

Recipes for elimination of Seeta Paitya:
1) Apply mustard oil on the entire the body, itching and rashes will reduce.

2) Mix saindhava lavanam and ghee make paste. Apply over entire body and take bath after one hour.

3) Mix allam raasam 30 gm (3 spoons) and old jaggery 2 sp (10 gm)
Take one to two spoons 1+1 time one hour before food.

4) Mix Vaamu podi 100 gm and old jaggery : 100 gm. Take 2 spoons three times for 10 to 15 days. Seeta paityam reduces.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for 'LEAN PERSONS TO BECOME FAT'

Dr.Elchuri's narrations for use of TRIPHALA

All diseases in human body arise due to imbalance of the three doshas namely Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. Triphala i.e. karakkaya, taanikaya and usirikaya are bestowed by God to maintain the above doshas in the desired proportion in human body.

Triphala powder means karakkaya, taanikaya and usirikakaya are to be taken in equal proportion. Make powder, mix and store. Now-a-days they are available in tablet form also apart from powder form. Even if there is no problem one can take the powder or tablets along with half a glass of water daily to preserve and protect our inbuilt immune system.

Use of Triphalas for specific problems:

1) Hair oil:
Take karakkaya, taanikaya, usirika kaaya, mango flowers, maddi tree bark powder in equal proportion and pound them to powder form. Add this powder to double quantity of sesame oil and boil. Filter the oil and store.
If the oil is used daily, hair growth will be dense.

2) Head problems:
Take karakkaya, taanikaya, usirika kaya powders 100 gms each. Add candy sugar powder 300 gm. And store. Take 10 gm in the morning and evening. Relieves from more than 100 problems of head.

3) Fits:
Take triphala churn half spoon along with one spoon honey daily in the evening. FITS problem will disappear.

4) Jaundice, asthma and other problems:
- Add one tsp ginger juice, 2.5 gm jaggery to one cup of triphala kashayam and take daily in the morning
and also:
- Add atimadhuram powder 50 gm to 150 gms triphala powder and store. Take 5 gm with half cup water daily at night.
If taken in the morning and evening as above for two weeks, FITS problem, cough, jaundice Asthma problems are relieved.

5) Stomach problems:
Mix triphala churn, atimadhuram powder, ippa chekka powder uniformly. Take ½ spoon along with ghee two times a day. All stomach problems will vanish,

6) Dysentry problems:
Take triphalas and kaachu in equal proportion and make powder. Take one tsp along with butter milk or honey two times a day. Blood motions, watery motions gum motions etc will subside.

7) Excess urination:
Take half spoon triphala powder with ¼ glass water during night. Sugar content in urine reduces and excess urination is stopped.

8) Jaundice:
Add little honey to 10 gm triphala ras and take two times a day. Jaundice problem disappears.

9) Good family life:
Take triphalas, addasaram leaves, pilli teega, atimadhuram, candy sugar, tippa sattui in equal proportion and make powder. Add cow’s ghee to consistency and make small balls equal to size of usirika. If taken two times a day, all problems of body get eliminated, body will become strong, one will be happy, will have longer life, sperm growth, capacity to lead good family life etc.

10) Pitta diseases:
Take half spoon triphalas powder along with one spoon honey two times a day. All diseases due to pitta will vanish.

11) Cough:
Prepare trikata churnam by mixing triphala powder, sonth, pippali, black pepper in equal proportion each constituent fried and make powder. Take half spoon powder along with honey two times a day. All types of cough like dry cough, wheezing cough, phlegm cough, blood emission with cough etc will subside.

12) Eye problems:

Add triphala powder 30 gms to 3 lts water and boil it to 1 litre on SIM flame. Add half litre milk and ¼ litre ghee and boil once again till ghee remains. Take this ghee two times a day (about one spoon). Eye sight improves and eye problems vanish.

These are only a few uses of Triphalas and there are many many other benefits.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for HAIR BALDNESS

Hair baldness arises due to
i) Non applictaion of hair oil.
ii) Development of excess heat
iii) Lack of exercises

Recipe No.1:
Yoga and exercises:

i) Spell out 'Om' for 10 times
ii) Sarvangasanam
iii) Ushtrasanam
iv) Shupta Vajrasanam

v) Visualisation exercise:
Sit in sukhasana posture, close your eyes and visualise your head portion. Visualise that all the excess heat from your head is dissipated. Visualise locks of silky, shinking hair growth in the bald portion without any bald patches. Do this for 10 minutes daily. Hair regrows.

Recipe No.2:
Tonsure the entire head and do the following:

i) Apply raddish juice with a cotton cloth by stretching the skin where bald is present so that the applied juice enters the blocked roots of the hair. Apply juice round the head and on the patches of hair loss before going to bed. Take bath early in the morning with Ayurvedic shampoo.

ii) Put 2 droops of sesame oil in the nostrils and breathe in. Due to this the closed pores of the root ends of hair that was lost will reopen and hair regrows.

iii) Repeat the tonsure process once again after 15 days and apply raddish juice and nose drops as mentioned above.

Benefits: Within 3 to 6 months hair regrows again in the bald portions.

Recipe No.3:
Kalabanda hair oil:

Kalabanda gujju : 1/4 kg.
Coconut oil : 1/4 kg.
Mix the above and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Before removing from flame add a fistful of maruvam/davanam. Before the leaves turn black, remove from flame, filter and store.
Oil can be used daily. Those having hair problems, the oil should be applied in warm condition to each layer of hair till it soaks into the roots.
The roots of hair will be strengthened, excess heat in head reduces, nerves will be cooled, dandruff will be eliminated, oiliness in head goes away, itching in head vanishes, hair fall, grey hair, bald head, penukorukudu etc. problems will be solved.

Recipe No.4:
Jatamamsi : 100 gm
Chengalva kostu : 100 gm
Black sesame : 100 gm
Sugandhaphala roots : 100 gm
Tamara ginjalu : 100 gms.
Grind all the above to paste with water, add 500 gm naatu cow's ghee and boil on SIM flame till ghee remains. Filter the ghee and store.
Apply this ghee to the head daily or atleast two times a week.
Baldhead problem will be resolved.

Recipe No.5:
Tips for Bald head problem:

i) Wrap wet cloth around head. Wrap one dry cloth over it and on the top one thikck bed sheet. Excess heat is removed, head gets warmed and the closed roots will re-open.

ii) Apply neem oil or mustard oil by Nasya karma

iii) Apply hair oil atleast two times a week. Use Bringraj hair oil or kalbanda hair oil or usirika hairoil or coconut oil till the oil reaches roots. Gently massage and wrap one cloth. Take head bath with soap nut or seeka kaya early in the morning.

iv) Soak 5 pieces triphalas (Taanikaaya, usirikaya, karakkaya) over night. Apply the filtered water to head and comb the hair. Hair fall stops and hair regrows.

v) Apply onion juice with cotton cloth on the bald patches and gently massage. Take bath after it is dried.

vi) Make paste of onion seeds powder by grinding with water. Apply the paste on the bald patches and take bath after it dries.

Recipe No.6:

Dr.Elchuri's recipe and usage of VAAMU NOONE:

Vaamu or Voma or Ajwain is one of the ingradients which we use during cooking in our daily life. Most of the people are not aware of its medicinal values. When vaamu is to be used for medicinal purpose, the healing qualitites are multiplied if it is soaked in chuna water (sunnapu teta neeru) for 3 hours and then dried for usage.

Recipe for Voma Tailam:
Vaamu : 1/2 kg
Make fine powder by pounding. Add 2 kg water and crush it with palm (baaga pisakali) and allow it to soak for 12 hours. Then place it on SIM flame, stir it with a laddle continuously. Boil till the water reduces to half. Filter the water (kashaayam) and add 1/4 kg sesame oil (nuvvula noone). Once again boil till only oil remains. Filter after it cools and store it in a bottle.
Vaamu tailam is benefiial to all Vaata pains, joint pains, knee pains, back pain, hip pains.
Apply the oil 3 times a day to the affected part and also do fomentation. Pains will subside.
Food precautions for early recovery from pains:
- Old rice, Jaava, wheat jaava, wheat roti, barley jaava, old tur dal (kandi pappu.
- Snake gourd (potlakaaya), green gourd (beera kaaya), tender brinjals (leta vankaya), tender drumsticks (munakkaya), garlic, onion, koyya totakura, ponnagantikura.
- Fruits like lemon, pomogranate, grapes, dates.
- Pickles of big lemon (dabbakaya), chinta, usiri can be used.
- Cow's milk and cow's butter milk is very good.

Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for SKIN PROBLEMS - ALLERGY

Recipe No.1:
Cow’s ghee : 100 gms
Pepper : 100 gm
Add pepper to ghee and boil ghee on SIM flame. Remove the pepper and use the ghee along with rice.
All skin problems vanish within 40 to 100 days. Blood purifies, skin will beautify.
Pepper has the strength to improve the immunity of the body.

Recipe No.2:
Mud bath:
Ondru matti : ¼ kg
Neem leaf powder : 2 sp.
Tulasi leaf powder : 2 sp.
Turmeric : little
Camphor (mudda karpooram) : 5 gm
Mix all the above contents and apply mud to entire body. After half an hour take bath.
Body pains, Allergy (daddurlu), itching, burning, heat reduction, internal pollution etc will be cleared.

Recipe No.3:
For smooth skin:
Seema avisa ginjala powder : 100gm
Urath dal (mina pappu): 100 gm (Fry and powder)
Pippali : 100 gm ( fry and powder)
Cow’s ghee or naatu gede ghee : as required to form paste for each day.
Prepare the above powder and store. Take required quantity of powder add ghee as required and apply to entire body. Take bath after one hour. Milk also can be added.
At least 2 times in a week.
Roughness of skin, blackness, pricking sensation etc will be eliminated.

Recipe No.4:
Turmeric sticks : 50 gm
Bark of soap nut tree (kunkudu chettu beredu) : 50 gm
Coconut oil : 50 gm
Bees wax : 50 gm
Pound the turmeric sticks and bark of soap nut tree and fry in a vessel till it turns black. Sieve the powder. Add bees wax and coconut oil by little boiling. Filter the oil and add the above powders, stirring with spoon. After it cools a little, add 10 to 20 gm camphor (mudda karpuram ). Stir it well and let it dry. Store the paste in bottle.
Usage :
Apply paste to the affected skin 2 to 3 times a day.
Gajji, chidumu, ring worm, stripes on stomach (due to wearing pants/langa), itching, skin problems in arm pits etc will be eliminated.
While using this paste do not eat brinjal, gongoora, aavakaya (mango pickle). All those where mustard is used, chilly, salt, pulupu (tamarind).

Recipe No.5:
Tips for Allergy (daddurlu) and itching.
i) Apply mustard oil to entire body and take bath after one hour.
ii) Add saindhavalavanam to ghee and apply to entire body. Take bath after one hour
iii) Add jaggery (10 gm) to ginger juice (30gm). Take it morning and evening before food.
iv) Add Vaamu powder and old jaggery powder in equal proportion and store. Take 2 spoons three times a day for 10 to 15 days. Seeta paityam will be eliminated.

Recipe No.6:
Tulasi leaf juice : 20 gm
Ginger juice ; 20 gm
Pudina juice : 20 gm
Neem leaf juice : 20 gm
Turmeric : 20 gm
Mix all the above and store. Apply to the affected parts half an hour before bath.
Itching, allergy (daddurlu) will be eliminated.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for BACK PAIN

Recipe No.1:
Take one spoon Agastya lehyam after breakfast, meals. Good relief from back pain and other stomach problems.

Recipe No.2:
Vellulli garelu

Udit dal batter
Garlic paste
Ginger 3 gm
Saindhava lavanam ½ spoon or as per taste.
Prepare gaarelu out of above. Take one or two daily
Relieves back pain, knee pain.

Recipe No.3:
Badam pappu : 1/4 kg
Soak with hot water to the level of badam overnight.
Khus Khus (cleaned) : ¼ kg (Fry lightly and make powder
Candy Sugar powder (sieved ) to taste.
Mix all the constituents and store in a bottle.
2 spoons morning and evening with hot milk
Back pain is relieved within 40 days. All joints will be strengthened, premature ejaculation is stopped, gets interest in family life.

Tips :
i) Do not work in a single place without moving
ii) Attend to the natural calls immediately without postponement.
iii) Practice kati chakrasanam, Ardha chandrasanam, waist rotation exercise in standing position,
iv) Avoid exposure of back/waist while driving two wheeler.
v) Minimise fan usage by sitting directly under fan
vi) Avoid drinking too hot or too cold drinks.

Recipe No.4:
Back pain For ladies:
During puberty for the first time, give Chimmiri laddu/Minapa laddlu/Coconut laddlu, one half coconut full sesame oil (nuvvula no one) for drinking.
No back pain till death.

Recipe No.5:
White rice husk : 1 kg (after sieving)
Old jaggery : 1 kg
Ghee : 1 kg (Naatu aavu neyyi) : 1 kg
Pound the above three contents and make 10 gm size laddus. Cool them in shade and store in a bottle.
Take one laddu morning and evening 2 hours before meals/breakfast.
Back pain vanishes in 40 days. Body becomes strong.

Recipe No.6:
Banyan tree milk.
Dip one cloth in the milk extracted from banyan tree, in the early morning and tie it around waist for half an hour without formation of wrinkles in the cloth. Cover the entire waist by cloth with somebody’s help.
old back pain is relieved.

Recipe No.7:
Nalla tumma banka : 100 gm
Fry the above in cow’s ghee. Dry and make powder. Add candy sugar 100 gm. Store the powder in glass bottle.
1 spoon morning and evening along with one cup milk.
Fractured bones will set right within 7 days. Old back pain is relieved.

Recipe No.8:
Apply voma tailam in warm condition to the back. Massage each vertebra with thumbs with left/right movement. Massage clockwise and anti clockwise around each vertebra of back bone.

Recipe No.9:
Add jilledu aaku or chintaaku to water along with some turmeric (one or two spoons) and steam it. Dip one cotton cloth, squeeze and apply it on the affected part. Massage on back with palm.
Good relief from back pain immediately. Stiff back pain, indigestion, constipation, decrease in Praana shakti, pains during Caesarian operation will subside.

Recpe No.10:
i) Bhujangasana
ii) Anu loma viloma praanayam in Vajraasana
iii) Acupressure points for backbone in hand (on the imaginary line from Web of thumb to fore finger to centre of wrist)

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for BELLY REDUCTION:

Recipe No.1:
Urad Dal chilka (Pottu minapappu) : 1 kg
Coconut water sufficient to soak the dal.
After soaking grind to batter and prepare Vadiyalu and store.
Soak 10 vadiyalu in milk. Add sugar candy powder (patikabellam )or jiggery and take them for 40 to 60 days. Gradually increase taking 10 to 20 Vadiyalu along with milk and candy powder.
Gents should be away from family life while taking the above recipe.

Recipe No.2:
Uttareni leaves juice : 1 glass
Sesame seeds (Nuvvulu) : 1 glass
Boil the above contents till oil remains and store in a glass bottle.
Apply the oil on belly from left to right and wherever excess fat prevails.
Bad water and bad blood is eliminated and excessive fat will melt. Blood circulation improves.

Recipe No.3:
Yogasasnas for Belly reduction.
i) Uttana padasana
ii) Agnisaara Kriya
iii) Udyana Bandha
iv) Naukasanam
v) Vajrasanam
vi) Stomach cleaning once a month

Stomach cleaning Method 1:
Ginger juice : 2 spoons;
Honey: 2 spoons
Vanta Amudam : 4 spoons.
Mix the above three constituents and boil 3 times (Moodu sarlu pongu vachchevaraku).
Take it with warm water early in the evening. Rasam with rice can be taken as food in the afternoon.
Avoid going outside as motions may occur 3 to 4 times.

Stomach cleaning Method 2:
Aloe vera juice : 2 to 4 spoons
Jeera powder : ¼ spoon ( lightly fired)
Turmeric : 1/8 spoon
Pepper powder : little (3 chitikalu)
Take the above contents together half an hour before meals.
This will not only clean the stomach, sores in andasayam and sores due to cancer also.

Recipe No.4:
Ulava Jaava (horse gram)
Ulavalu : 50 gm
Boil ulavalu in 500 gm water and prepare Jaava. Add little ginger, Ajwain, Jeera powder, pepper powder, saindhava lavanam along with water and boil the contents till pastey liquid is formed.
To be taken in afternoon at 4 p.m.

Recipe No.5:
Belly reduction powder
Take Karakkaya, taanikaya, usirikaya, sonti, pippallu, miriyalu, saindhavalavanam each 100gms. Fry and make powder separately. Mix all contents together and store.
People with Vaata prakruti should take with warm water
People with Ushna prakruti should take with butter milk
Pople with kapha prakruti should take with honey.

Recipe No.6:
Prepare ganji or upma out of korralu or yavalu. These are blessed with the quality to keep the body in required size and proportion.

Recipe No,7:
Food precautions:
i) Avoid drinking cool water from fridge
ii) Avoid fried items
iii) Avoid taking cold rice, new rice
iv) Drink cow’s milk only
v) Avoid meat
vi) Avoid breakfast before 10 AM, take juices in the afternoon and light food in the evening.
vii) Eat according to the body’s needs and to the extent of physical work one does.
viii) Avoid sleep during day time and reduce sleep during night.
ix) Reduce rice and wheat as much as possible
x) Avoid milk products, sugar, jiggery
xi) Exercise orning and evening.

Excess fat gets reduced in belly.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for WEIGHT LOSS

Recipe No.1:
Ulava Guggillu (Horse gram) : Softly boiled.
Start with 20 to 25 gm and gradually increase to 50 to 100 gm. Take in the Morning and Evening. Can add onion and chilly pieces along with seasoning.
Take butter milk and barley for reducing heat generated due to above food.
Excess fat in Stomach reduces and excess weight will be reduced.

Recipe No.2:
Collect and store rain water before reaching ground in a container other than plastic.
Add ¼ sp good turmeric powder to half glass rain water and take early in the morning. Do not take food for one hour.
Good relief from excess weight within 3 to 6 months.

Recipe No.3:
Food to be taken at night for weight reduction:
Take old rice, Jowar, old wheat, Moong, ulavalu, barley seeds in equal proportion. Soak them overnight, dry them in the morning. Add little by little quantity in Kadai and fry them. Later powder the contents and store.
Prepare roti and take them in the nights as food.

Recipe No.4:
Warm water : 1 glass
Triphala powder : ¼ spoon gradually increase to 1 spoon
Add honey to the above and take the same for one week.

Recipe No.5:
Nalla tumma Aaku: Soak in water and make paste.
Karakkayalu : Make powder and then paste.
Apply paste of nalla tumma aaku to entire body. After 15 min apply karakkaya paste. Take bath after drying.
Excess fat reduces and smell of sweating vanishes.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for TESTICLE SWELLING

Testicle swelling is also called anda vruddhi. Air and water accumulates and testicle swells. It may also be due to overtightness of under wear and pants and also due to other reasons.

Recipe No.1:
Karakkaya powder : 10gm
Nela vepa/nela vemu leaf powder : 10 gm
Dhaniya powder : 10 gm
Cloves : 15 gm
Sunamukhi or Swarnamukhi powder : 40 gm
Candy sugar powder : 120 gm
Mix all the above powders and add honey to consistency and store in a glass bottle.
Start with 2 gm two times daily and gradually increase to 5 gm each time. Chew and suck the paste and drink water.
All the waste material accumulated in stomach will pass out through urine/stools including that waste material stored in testicles.

Recipe No.2:
Take equal parts of Kanuga seeds, amudam seeds, gachcha seeds. Grind them by adding vantamudam to th required consistency. Apply the paste on the swelled part and remove it next day morning. Do this daily till the swelling is eliminated.

Recipe No.3:
Grind gadidagadapa leaves with amudam oil. Boil it on SIM and remove from flame. When it comes to bearable warmth, apply the paste on the swelling. Place cotton on the testicles and wear underwear or gochi. Do this daily till the swelling decreases.

Recipe No.4:
Grind the tobacco leaves along with the internal part of gachchakaya along with water to consistency and apply the paste to the swelled part. The swelling as well as pain decrease.

Recipe No.5:
Grind the bark of stem of cotton tree along with sonthi powder by adding water to consistency and apply the paste to the effected part. The swelling reduces within a few days.

Recipe No.6:
Grind poogranate leaves and apply the paste to the swelled part. The pullling sensation of nerves and pain in testicle will subside.

Recipe No.7:
Take raw papaya and boil in a kummu (on the burning charcoal or husk). Grind it to paste and apply on the swelled part. The swelling decreases.

Recipe No.8:
Crush drumstick leaves and boil along with Vantaamudam. Take the boiiled leaves (crushed leaves and tie on swelled part. Remove early in the morning. Gradually swelling subsides.

Recipe No.9:
Place moduga flowers on a cloth and tie it to the swelled testicle in the night. Swelling normalises after few days.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for PILES

Piles are of two types (i) Bleeding piles (ii) Dry piles
The main reason for the piles is Constipation. In some people they remain hanging below the anus and in some they grow internally.
Piles also will develop for
- those people who work sitting in a place continuously hours together.
- those people who take NV food, masala in excess.
- those people who eat late
- those people who wake late
- those people who neglect indigestion.
One should take more leafy vegetables and also more vegetables in their diet.

Recipe No.1:
Soap nuts : 100 gm (after seeds are removed0
Grind these soap nuts with sufficient water (to consistency) to prepare paste. Make pea nut size balls from the above paste and dry them in shade. Can store in a bottle.
- 1 tablet half an hour before food 3 times a day along with water for those suffering from Bleeding piles.
- To be taken with diluted butter milk in case of those suffering from ‘Dry piles’

Whenever the sufferer goes to urine, he has to wet the piles with water every time.
Within 40 days the piles problem will disappear.

Recipe No.2:
Dry piles (or Arsa molalu)
Amudam : 100 gm
Bees wax : 50 gm
Mudda Karpooram (Camphor lumps): 10 gm
Boil amudam and bees wax on SIM flame. Remove from flame and sieve the waste. Add camphor powder to the liquid and stir gently. The liquid will turn paste after cooling. This is a very good ointment for ‘Arsa molalu’. This will not spoil even if kept months together. Store in a bottle.
Apply ointment to the piles with cotton. Apply the ointment internally also.
i) To those people who feel difficulty in sitting
ii) To those people who have shooting pains in legs due to piles.
iii) To those people who have burning sensation.

Recipe No.3:
Sonti powder : 30 gm 9Fry and make powder)
Karakkaya power : 30 gm
Pippali powder : 30 gm (Fry and powder)
Add 90 gm jaggery to the above and grind in a kalvam to become paste. Prepare 10 gm gulikalu (talets) and store in a bottle.
Chew (Suck the juice) one tablet two times a day half an hour before food.Benefits:
Body swelling decreases, waste water in body gets removed, Cough, asthma, palpitation, fever, arsa molalu, indigestion, lack of appetite will be relieved within 10 to 15 minutes.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for TELLA BOLLI

Recipe No.1:

Extract juice out of Arati doota and add little turmeric to form paste. Apply the paste to the effected part.

Tella bolli spots will be eliminated.

Recipe No.2:

Pound ‘Eswari root’ and make powder

Add 1 or 2 gms powder to 1 spoon honey and take before half an hour of taking food.


Tella bolli will be eliminated within 40 days.

Recipe No.3:

Take equal parts of tunga gadda, dalchina chekka and kababu chinni and make powders separately.

Mix them and store.


Take 1 spoon powder in 1 glass water and boil on SIM till one cup of water remains. Sieve it and drink in warm condition.


Use until tella bolli spots disappear.

Recipe No.4

Soak black gram (nalla minumulu) in water, grind them to paste and apply on the effected part. The tella bolli spots will vanish.

Recipe No.5:

Soak 50 gms Chandra cheva in about 40 lts of water (2 bindelu). Take the top water and repour the extracted water.

This water can be used for cooking rice.

Take this top water little by little whenever you feel thirsty,

Take bath with this water.

Extract gandham from chendra chekka and apply the paste to the effectd area. Avoid taking pulupu vastuvulu, NV food, eggs, brinjal, gongura during the treatment.


Tella bolli spots will gradually vanish and body skin glows

Recipe No.6:

Dry usirika pieces: 10 gm

Kaachu : 10 gm

Bavanchalu powder : little

Mix both usirkika and kaachu and add half litre water. Boil it on SIM flame till ¼ lt. remains. Sieve and make water into two parts.

Add ¼ spoon bavanchala powder to above water (in warm condition) and take one hour before food . Avoid pulupu during treatment.


Tella bolli spots will vanish.

Recipe No.7:

Take the bark along with white layer from Neem tree and dry it . Prepare gandham and apply to effected area. The paste will penetrate into skin and will eliminate tella bolli spots.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for LIPS BEAUTY

Black spots on Lips will develop due to excess paitya in stomach and entry of vaayu in head.

Recipe No.1:

Dhania powder : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)

Jeera Powder : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)

Candy sugar : 100 gm (Powder)

Mix the above and store. Take one spoon with water twice a day.


Black stains, cracks, swelling, whitishness on the sides, burning sensation will get eliminated.

Recipe No.2:

Grind rose petals with butter and apply on the lips in the night and wash early in the morning. Lips beauty will be preserved.

Recipe No.3:

Grind crystal salt (kallu uppu) to fine powder, sieve it and add to ghee. Apply the paste to lips.


Sores on lips, black spots, cracks will be cleared.

Recipe No.4:

Add 2 or 3 drops of Glycerine or lemon juice to half tomato juice and massage on lips. Black spots will be cleared.

Recipe No.5:

Jaaji kaya powder : 50 gm

Good turmeric : 50 gm

Cow’s ghee : 50 gm

Powder of jaaji kaya: Pour milk in a vessel. Cover the top with a cloth duly tied. Place jaaji kaya pieces on the top of cloth and boil on SIM for 10 min. The vapor of milk is absorbed by jaaji pieces. They dry the pieces and make powder.

Turmeric powder: Collect good quality turmeric sticks and make powder. Sieve and store.
Mix jaaji powder and turmeric and store in a bottle. Add sufficient ghee to ½ spoon powder, make paste and apply to lips.


Stains will go away and lips will turn beautiful and glow with redness,.

Swelling, cracks, sores etc also will be eliminated.

Recipe No.6:

Jaajiaya powder : 10 gm

Turmeric : 10 gm

Cow’s ghee : 10 gm

Bees wax : 20 gm

Boil bees wax and ghee on SIM flame, sieve and add turmeric, jaaji powder. Grind them to paste and store in an air tight tin. Apply paste before going to bed.


Black spots on account of entry of ‘vaayu in head’ will vanish and lips will glow naturally.

Recipe No.7:

Apply 1 or 2 drops mustard oil in the navel (boddu) and gently massage navel.

Lips will become crack free and glow naturally.

Recipe No.8:

Make pieces of Ippa chekka, wash and dry. Pound them to paste, sieve and store.
Add a little ghee to 1/8 spoon powder and apply to lips in the night .
Cracks, sores, blackness will disappear and lips will become smooth and glow.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes of NATURAL CONTRACEPTIVES

(Few recipes - As published in Dr.Elchuri's literature)
Recipe No.1:
Take Rasanjanam, karakkaya, usirikaya in equal parts make powder and store. If the day of menstruation is counted as first, take 5 gm ofthis powder with cold water from 4th day to 16th day. Conception will be prevented. To be done every month.

Recipe No.2:
Take Pippali, vayuvidangalu, veligaram boiled on coal in equal parts (all in powder form) mix and store. Take 3 gms with milk from 4th day to 16th day. Conception can be prevented. To be done every month.

Recipe No.3:
Take 10 gms chiri vellu juice along with water of soaked rice (biyyam kadigina neeru) on 11th, 12th and 13th day. Conception will be prevented. To be done every month.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes using UTTARENI

Latin: Achyranthes aspera
English:Prickly flower
Hindi: Apang,chirchira,chirchita
Recognition of Uttareni:
One can get the images in the internet if the latin name is typed and images are searched in Google Search.
Dr.Elchuri’s recipes of Uttareni:
Recipe No.1:
Uttareni tailam:
Wash uttareni leaves, pound them and extract juice of 1 litre. Add 1 litre of good quality sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and boil on SIM flame till the juice absorbs into oil. Cool it and store in a glass bottle.
Use this oil in warm condition to massage those organs having excess fat before one hour of taking bath.
Uttareni oil penetrates into the flesh and burns the excess fat and also relieves from all the skin problems.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
(From Dr.Elchuri's literature)
Recipe No.2:
Tooth Powder:
Make powder of 100 gm Uttareni seeds and sieve. Add 10 gm salt powder and store in a bottle. If one brushes his teeth with this powder, teeth will strengthen and also whiten. Worms in the teeth will die and decayed teeth get set right.
Recipe No.3:
Respiratory prooblems:
- If Uttareni root powder or seeds powder is stuffed in a smoking pipe and its smoke is breathed in, cough and Asthma is relieved.
- Dry entire Uttareni plant, fry it to powder. Add 2 times equal quantity of sugar and take 3 gms three times a day. Phlegm, breathlessness, continued cough, heaving etc. will be relieved. Use less quantity if used for children.
Recipe No.4:
Easy delivery:
Grind 7 raw leaves of Uttareni along with 7 Nos. pepper. Sieve the juice and drink. Easy delivery takes place.
Recipe No.5:
Take uttareni leaves, pepper and garlic in equal proportion and grind them to paste. Prepare pea size tablets and dry them in shade. For ordinary fevers, take 2 tabs. For cold fevers take 3 to 5 tabs with warm water. One gets relieved from fevers.
Recipe No.6:
Piles (bleeding):
Take red Uttareni leaves juice 50 gm and cow's ghee : 50 gm together. Bleeding piles will subside. Avoid food items causing excess heat.
Recipe No.7:
Lean Personalities:
Take the bark of Uttareni tree and add equal quantity of pepper powder and prepare small balls (like big size homeo pills) and dry them in shade. Melt one ball in mother's milk and give it to the baby for licking. Lean babies grow fast and turn to develop good personality.
Recipe No.8:
Stoppage of children dying immediately after delivery:
Take Uttareni leaves, saha devi tree roots and pepper in equal parts, grind them to paste, make balls of pepper size and dry them in shade. Give one pill to children after melting it in mother's milk. Children will grow nicely. This will be specially helpful for those mothers, whose children die immediately after delivery. For such mothers, right from conception to delivery if one tablet/pill is taken twice a day, good children will be delivered.
Recipe No.9:
Take Uttareni roots, nela tadidumpalu, pippali each 50 gm and add equal quantity of old jaggery, pound and store the powder/paste in a glass bottle. Take 10 gm (1 spoon) two times a day. Filaria can be eliminated.
Recipe No.10:
Dog bites:
Grind Uttareni leaves to paste, sieve the juice. Add 3 gms juice to 20 gm honey and take two times a day. The after effects of dog bite problem will be eliminated.
Recipe No.11:
Take 10 gm of Uttareni root extract with one cup cow's butter milk. Pandurogam is eliminated. Digestive system improves, blood increases, skin glows. Avoid food items causing excess heat.
Recipe No.12:
Uterus problems:
Pound Uttareni leaves and roots taken in equal proportion and powder. Add equal quantity of candy sugar powder and store. Take 3 pinches with water one hour before food. Uterus gets cleaned, periods get regularised, new blood is generated, skin glows, in addition to many other benefits.
Recipe No.13:
Enlargement of spleen:
Take Uttareni plant powder (by drying and burning), saindhava lavanam, sonthi, pippali, pepper in equal proportions. Lightly fry salt, sonthi, pippali and pepper before making powder. Mix all the powders and store. Take 2 gms of powder with 1 spoon honey. Problem of Enlargement of spleen, bulging of stomach will be eliminated.
Recipe No.14:
Grind Uttareni roots in 'biyyam kadigina neeru' and extract gandam from it. Take 10 to 20 gm of the gandham from the fourth day of periods to 16th day along with one cup warm cow's milk. Participate in family life during these days, conception takes place.
(Also refer Dr.Elchuri's recipes on CONCEIVING in this blog for delivering which type boy or girl)

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for PREMATURE EJACULATION

Recipe No.1:
Water : ½ cup
Chana : 30 gm.
Soak chana overnight. Separte the water (by filter). Early in the morning eat the chana by chewing slowly and facing towards East direction. Add two spoons of honey to the chana soaked water and drink. Do this for 40 days and observe brahmacharya during these forty days.
The sperm denses and premature ejaculation problem gets solved.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for EXCESS HEAT

Recipe No.1:
i) Chandra bedhana Bhastrika pranayaam: Close right nostril and breathe out through left nostril only
ii) Seetali Bhastrika pranayaam : Fold the tongue longitudinally and do Bhastrika pranayam.
iii) Seetkari pranayam: Clench the teeth/jaws and do Bhastrika pranayam
iv) Apply kaakarakaya paste (bitter gourd) mixed with turmeric to the affected part.

Recipe No.2:
i) To reduce overheat mix Jeera (fry and make powder), Dhania (fry and make powder), candy sugar equally in powder form.
Take 1/2 spoon - 3 times a day along with water.
ii) Aamla powder (usirika powder) mixed with candy sugar powder equally can also be taken thrice a day to reduce overheat.
The excess heat of stomach reduces.

Dr.Elchuri's recipes for WANTED HAIR GROWTH

This problem arises due to improper blood circulation and improper functioning of Liver and Pancreas.
Recipe No.1:
i) Sarvangasana
ii) Matsyasana
iii) Shupta Vajrasana
iv) Chakrasana
v) Activation of Agna and Throat chakra
Take breakfast/meals before 10 A.M. and after 8 PM in the night. Sleep before 10 PM and wake up by 4 AM.

Recipe No.2:
Kiss miss (dry grapes) : 32 Nos.
Anjeer : 2 Nos.
Kharjuir :2 Nos.
Soak the above in one glass water overnight and take early in the morning.
Benefits: Blood quantity increases, circulation improves.
Tomato : 2Nos
Carrot : 1 No.
Beet root : half
Make juice of above and add candy sugar.
Blood quantity increases and wanted hair grows.

Recipe No.3:
Gunta galagara aku : 100gms
Usirika : 100 gms
Black til :100 gms
Atimadhuram : 100 gms
Add 1600 gm water and prepare kashaayam till 400 gms remains. Filter it and add 400 gms til oil (nuvvula noone), boil it on SIM till the oil remains.
Apply oil one hour before bath or before sleep to the parts where hair needs to grow (moustache, beard).
Can apply for head also.